Isnin, 31 Ogos 2009

Spritual & Physical Benefit Of MISWAK

1.Remind the KALIMAH at the time af death
2.Miswak is the freshness of mouth
3.Cure of every disease except the death
4.Miswak improves eyesight
5.Makes gums stronger
6.Get rid of mucus
7.It makes angle happy
8.Miswak is the following of sunnah increases the reward of sholah
10.Miswak improvers memory
11.It delay aging
12.strengthens the back
13.Miswak makes wiser
14.The soul leaves the body easily
15.Miswak cure the headache
16.Makes teeth shiny
17.Grow the hair
18.It clear the complexion
19.Keep always devil`s thought
20.Help in digestion
21.Beautifies the face
22.Increase the fluency & interlligence
23.Relaxes the brain
24.Satisfies the heart

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